We Love Kitchens With Dark Cabinets

There is something about rich dark stained wood that screams luxury and a rich elegance. In fact, mahogany, cherry and walnut have always been popular choices for kitchen cabinets because of their durability. However, today dark kitchen cabinets are a rage even in moderate households and designers are exploring options outside dark stained wood. Black kitchen cabinets, for example, have become a favorite in kitchens that score high both on style and functionality.

We have put together a list of design ideas that work brilliantly black kitchen cabinets. These ideas can be executed both in old fashioned manors and in sleek modern apartments.

1. Contrast with marbles

Contrast, if done right, can transform any ordinary space into an extraordinary one. And nothing works better than contrasting marble with naturally dark wood. A patterned marble backsplash can create a gorgeous backdrop in a kitchen lined with dark cabinets. The kitchen island can be made of dark wood too to match the cabinets. A marble countertop will work very well on the dark island as well. The dark cabinets can also be accentuated by using light wooden flooring.

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2. Use of gold inlaying

If you want to add a touch of aristocracy to your kitchen, using gold inlay on dark cabinets can be a very good option. Intricate patterns reminiscent of old world luxury can instantly add gravitas to your home. The gold can also be substituted with silver if you are into a touch of understated elegance. Placing a jar of fresh roses and silver candlesticks on the kitchen island ideas will complete the entire look.

3. The black and white kitchen

Dark kitchen cabinets are the perfect element for a chic black and white kitchen. Chequered black and white floors, white marble backsplash, a sleek kitchen island are some of the essential design elements in the kitchen. Fine lines, clutter free organisation and lots of storage space are the order of the day. One might also consider adding an inbuilt bar for an added touch of flair. Adding barstools with a multipurpose kitchen island will add the finishing touch.

Kitchens with dark cabinets can be chic, sophisticated and luxurious. Once done correct, they can be spaces that you are proud to show off to friends and houseguests. This makes choosing the perfect kitchen components an important task. Thus we have collected photographs showcasing the best designed kitchens with dark cabinets tat combine style with utility. Have a look for inspiration