Granite Edge Style Ideas

There are many things to consider if you want to install a granite edges in your home. Normally the first thing that you will think about is granite colors and style of the countertop. You will also consider the design that will be suitable for your house. But there is one thing that is often overlooked – the granite edges of the countertop. This is just as important because without the proper boundaries your countertop will not be as elegant and stylish as you may want it to be.

With the addition of CNC technology, it is now possible to have any design that you want. All the reputable stone fabricators use CNC machines. Therefore, you only have to specify the design you want. In fact, they will help you in selecting the right edge that will be appropriate for your kitchen or vanity tops.

This design is more attractive than the straight edge. The granite edges is beveled at about 45º angle and can be placed at the top or at the bottom of the edge. There are many variations of this design such as the ¼ bevel, � bevel, ¼ bevel top and bottom and reverse bevel. This can be appropriate for a kitchen or bathroom countertop that has moderate to high daily activity.

The basic shape of this edge is circular. There are also some variations in this design. These include the half bullnose, where half of the edge is rounded and the full bullnose where the whole edge has the profile of a half moon. There is also the ¼ round and the demi bullnose. This is also designed for a bathroom or kitchen countertop with medium to high activity.

The type of your home will largely determine the suitable granite edges. It will look awkward if you have countertop edges that do not fit well with the general décor of your home. If your home is the traditional, conservative type, then the most appropriate edge for your granite edges is the straight edge. You can also choose the half or full bullnose because they are more traditional looking.

If your house is the modern, contemporary design, you may consider fancy edges. These edges are more intricate and therefore more expensive. The most popular of the fancy types is the ogee where the edges are shaped into two graceful curves, one concave, and the other convex. Your granite edges will look splendid with the ogee edge.

Other fancy types of granite edges include cove which has a concave bevel on the top edge and waterfall which has three convex arches cascading downwards. Dupont is another intricate side with a straight edge going down to a curve. If your home has angular features and straight lines, a beveled edge will be suitable with its angled edges. You can choose to have ¼ to � inch corners or have both the bottom and top edges with bevels.

In determining the sides, you should also consider the thickness of your granite edges. You cannot just pick an intricate side if your countertop is only about � inch thick. The thickness of complex shaped edges should be about two ¼ inches thick. For thinner granite such as � inch, you can support it underneath with a wood backing. They can be appropriate for countertops like bathroom vanities with the more common edges such as straight or bullnose.